Part 13: The importance of nutrition

Part 13: The importance of nutrition

Stetson is recovering marvellously, while Mareva and Ariciel have a bit of a run-in with the local wildlife. Ellandriel and Teacher arrive in Honour Hold, and start planning for the future. And we all know what happens when you do that…

Honour Hold was a typical Human settlement: Stone walls, stone towers. Plate-wearing soldiers. Ellandriel looked at the faces of the people passing by. There was a sense of resignation that everything would end in tears, and that the people who thought it was a good idea to come here and fight should have their heads seen to, with no need to bring their bodies. And still, there was the determination that said that if it was all going to end badly, it would not be because they were slacking. A curious mixture of pessimism and confidence that seemed to Ellandriel to be typically Human. Oh, and Dwarvish.

One of the first skills a traveller picks up is to find food in the wilderness. It took Ellandriel only a second or two to spot the inn. To walk in, find a free table and order lunch was the work of mere minutes for an experienced survival expert.

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