Part 14: If you strike me down

Part 14: If you strike me down

Stetson is finding out about the finer points of dining in the Legerdemain Lounge, being helpfully guided by his Blood-elf enemy. Ellandriel and Teacher are off to the abandoned armoury south of Honour Hold, for some extra equipment. Ariciel, having recovered her kettle from the rampaging ravagers, is making tea. What? You have to have tea!

Stetson stared at the plate. On it was some sort of construction made from potato strips. A leaf of lettuce was next to it, upon which was placed, with great skill, a slice of tomato, a few crumbs of cheese and half an olive. A hint of sauce was dripped, almost apologetically, over it. There were also three slices of meat next to it. Stetson was struck by the sadness that for those three slivers of meat, a whole caribou had laid down its life. The Blood-elf woman stared at Stetson’s face, leaned back in her chair and burst out laughing. Stetson frowned at her, which only made matters worse. She leant over to him, patted his arm.

Bonum appetitus, Draenei.”

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