Part 15: Friends, enemies, same difference

Part 15: Friends, enemies, same difference

It’s always wonderful to meet new friends, the thrill of finding out all about them (which Ellandriel would do her best to avoid), perhaps even finding out you have a mutual acquaintance, taking pleasure in each other’s company (which Ellandriel is entirely not onterested in thankyouverymuch). if all else fails, there’s safety in numbers, as long as you don’t go looking for trouble. Yes, indeed.

Stetson is taking it easy by comparison, making some money in the Circle of Wills.

They walked into the thicket. Ariciel looked up and round at the buildings. They were of sturdy, well-engineered Keldorei style, but nobody had lived there for a long time, and the forest was slowly reclaiming the place with leaf and bramble and twig. Ariciel ran forward.

“Look! there’s even a Moonwell here!” She dipped her hand in the water, but quickly pulled it out again. “Eww. That hasn’t been cleansed in a long time. Slacking priestesses.”

Mareva pointed. “Slacking Druids, you mean. Though in their present state, I think they cannot help it.”

Ariciel looked where Mareva was pointing, and her hand went to her staff. On the ground lay the long-deserted skeleton of a Night-elf woman. Her Druid’s robes were torn, almost taken away by insects. There was still the residue of an unhealthy green glow about the body. Ariciel had taken her staff from her back, and searched the surrounding wood for enemies. Ellandriel stood still, the syllables of her pre-combat spells revolving in her mind, waiting, eyes darting over the place.

Mareva kneeled by the dead Druid, and looked her over. All that was left of her were some bones, with occasional pieces of skin.


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