Part 16: A Druid, a Shaman and a Mage go into a pub…

Part 16: A Druid, a Shaman and a Mage go into a pub…

Shattrath at last! Time to get to know each other a little better… No not that. Stetson is doing fine in Dalaran, it seems…

“My friends,” said Mareva, “That shaft of light ahead of us is made by the Naaru A’dal. We have reached Shattrath!”

Ariciel looked round nervously, but the large group of enemies somehow failed to descend on them. Outlanders clearly lacked all sense of drama. Ellandriel looked ahead, over Mareva’s shoulder.

“I can see Draenei women mounted on…”

“Elekks,” said Mareva. “And what is more, they are real elekks, not like this magical construct.” Mine disappears when I get off. These ones will fight for their masters.”

“They look fierce,” said Ariciel.

“They are,” said Mareva. “Furthermore, they lack all sense of humour. If we are stopped, I will do the talking.”


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