Part 17: Honestly, I can explain

Part 17: Honestly, I can explain

Our intrepid trio find themselves in Shattrath, and in need of quick transport to Dalaran. Now that is usually a problem with a simple solution if there is a Mage in your party. Sadly, Ellandriel can’t do portals and Mistress Iorioa won’t teach her because she might create portals to goodness-knows-where. What to do?

For Stetson, the end is in sight. Just one more fight to win, and he’ll be able to afford his flappy and the paperwork to be able to fly it. One more fight… Just one more.

Stetson sat at the edge of the circle, staring at the ground, preparing himself. There was quite a large crowd, and they were cheering for him. Stetson didn’t care. He was not here to be popular, he was here to earn his flying lessons, his ticket out of here. If he won this fight, he would have enough. If he won. He took courage in the fact that he was not expecting to win. No matter how many times he had won, no matter how the mindless idiots told him he was invincible, he still knew that no matter how many times a coin showed heads, the next time was just as likely to show heads as it was tails.

He turned round. Walked to the middle of the circle. Once more. One more fight, and then he could say goodbye to all this, and good riddance. He looked over to the other end of the Circle. A slender figure, dressed in a hooded robe. Oh damn. A Draenei woman. Stetson had fought only one other Draenei woman and had hated it. She had reminded him too much of… Stetson blinked.

“Hello, My-ah sladkaya.”

Stetson took a breath. “Mareva?”

Seashell, the charming and generous Human Mage, appears with the kind permission of Bravetank.


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