#dwcon Discworld Convention Tech Gophering

A slightly out-of-character post today, because I’m speaking to you now from the Discworld Convention in Birmingham. Never fear, I have chapter 18 ready to go, and will post that as soon as I finish.

So far, Traditions are still being honoured: at most every past Discworld Convention, there have been happy and slightly bewildered newlyweds, who look, wide-eyed, at the wizards, barbarians, seamstresses, guards and other colourful characters that have invaded Roundworld from Terry Pratchett’s imagination.

Arrived last night with my friend A, did amazingly badly at the Pub Quiz, was filled with a mild tristesse that for such a small curry, a large Balti had to lay down its life, and spotted Mr. Pratchett entering the hotel. By all accounts he is bearing up well, and he looked in a good mood.

Wandered into the main presentation room (The Dysk – we traditionally rename all the rooms in the hotel to confuse and bewilder the staff), and was immediately grabbed to help the Tech squad with their technology. Mainly laying out cables. If news reaches you that the backstage area was suddenly plunged into darkness, and the swearing of irate Masquerade performers was heard to the Heavens themselves, then that was me!

I’ve re-strung my guitar, and it still seems to be in tune, stuffed my face with the Hotel’s excellent breakfast, and am now heading out to see if any of the Tech squad have roused themselves from their slumber yet.

Your chapter of “Druid, Shaman, Mage” will hit this place sometime today…

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