Part 18: Sharp things and blunt instruments

Part 18: Sharp things and blunt instruments

Coming to you live from the Discworld Convention. Ellandriel and her friends set off for Darnassus, across the frozen wastes of Northrend. Luckily, now that the Lich king is no more, these lands are once more safe to cross. No, really!

Ellandriel pushed her plate away, and opened the book again. The pages were yellowed, or as the book people have it, “slightly foxed”. It was written mostly in Darnassian, with occasional quotes in Common or Thalassian. Mareva looked over.

“What does it say?”

“It is mostly about the doings of various cults, and the gods they worship. Or, in this case, the Black Dragon Aspect.”

“Do they perform evil and debauched rituals to appease their gods?”

“Ritualised perverse sexual acts, blood sacrifices, and depravities of a disturbing nature?”

“Perhaps,” said Mareva, looking over Ellandriel’s shoulder.

“It doesn’t say,” said Ellandriel.

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