Part 19: Jinxes on the high sea

Part 19: Jinxes on the high sea

After the trip from Valgarde to Menethil, Ellandriel and her friends set sail for Theramore, from where they will fly to Auberdine, the quiet port town in Kalimdor. Life is about to get more interesting though…

The bartender was still the same man who had been here when Ariciel had just arrived here. He didn’t recognise her, but then again, the landlady had fed and watered them, and -Ariciel chuckled to herself- she had not wasted any time in getting her boyfriend upstairs. She sighed. She was enjoying the trip so far, except for the bits that weren’t enjoyable, but it would have been so much better with her great big lug of a Human next to her. She looked at her hands. Was she strong enough already to follow him? Only one way to know for certain.

They asked the bartender when the ship for Theramore would sail, and were told that the Lady Mehley would sail that very evening. They booked passage, had a very good dinner, and went on board. Ariciel leaned on the railing as the lights of Menethil slowly disappeared in the distance. She stood up straight, raised a hand and sent up a bright shaft of light, like she had done so long ago, the first time she’d had to leave Bannog standing on the docks while she travelled to other places.

“Be safe, my love,” she whispered.


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