Part 20: Over the shattered world

Part 20: Over the shattered world

And here is where we open up a can of Night-elf Sentinels, and they open up a can of whoop-ass on the Horde. We’ve arrived in Astranaar, and there is a bit of a disturbance going on.

The rooftops of Astranaar came into view, exactly where Mareva had expected them to be. Good. This communing with the Forest Spirits was all well and good, but sometimes, you couldn’t beat a nice, exact bit of trigonometry. By way of celebration, she flipped her gryphon’s tail in the air and flew down in a power-dive. She pulled up sharply, and landed right in the middle of town. She blinked. The smell of smoke was on the wind, and all round her, Night-elves were pointing arrows and other sharp things at her. She raised her hands.

“Please do not shoot me. I am good people.”

On an unrelated subject: I have just been to Stormwind, and there’s a balloon of pandas there! Also, all my spells ant abilities have changed! Wot?

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