Part 21: Scars on the world

Part 21: Scars on the world

It’s time to say goodbye to the Sentinels in Astranaar. Time for the final leg of the journey, to Darnassus, on the World-tree Teldrassil. Which isn’t to say that we couldn’t make a slight detour or two, to revisit some old memories. Or to meet people long missing, presumed to be dead.

Ariciel stood on a small hill, by a crevasse that hadn’t been there a month ago. A month ago, when Auberdine was still there. The very earth on which it had stood, was broken. Buildings were torn apart. A large strip of forest had blackened into nothing but charred stumps from the Dragon’s breath. There was movement between the buildings, but no Elves. There was nobody left. The Moonwell had been breached, its life-giving water spilled away. There was the noise of feathers behind her, but Ariciel did not look round until Mareva put her hand on Ariciel’s shoulder.

“Really, Ariciel. What are we doing here?”

Ariciel pointed. “That’s where we met. We were both going to Felwood. One of the best things that ever happened to me.” She pointed again. “That’s where Fiora Longears’ house used to be. I… We found Lesta there, tortured to death by that Warlock bitch. One of the worst things that ever happened to me. I am this place, Mareva. And now, it’s gone.”

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