Part 22: Home, or what is left of it

Part 22: Home, or what is left of it

The penultimate chapter! Next one will be the last! We can see Mareva taking big decisions here, while Ellandriel settles into Keldorei society, though not without a little hitch now and then.

Ariciel walked down the path to her small house to find Stetson sitting on the bench in front of her window, Morgan at his feet. His hand was gently scratching Morgan between his ears, and his pale blue eyes shone as he watched the clouds drifting slowly over the woods of Teldrassil. Mareva was nowhere to be seen.

“Hi Stetson. Why is Mareva not sitting on your lap, and more importantly, where is she?”

Stetson raised his hand, palm up.

“We have a saying among my people. Love, it is like a small bird resting in the palm of your hand. Keep perfectly still, and still it might flutter off for no reason.” He made a tight fist. “Grab it quickly, and if you crush it, it will be yours forever.”

“My goodness. You haven’t buried her in my garden, have you?”

“Of course not. That would be most rude.” Stetson pointed. “She said she wanted to think. She went in that direction.”


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