Part 23: From each according to their ability

Part 23: From each according to their ability

It’s the final chapter, and what better way to finish a story than with the sound of wedding bells? Well… A bit of violence, perhaps?

Mareva did look beautiful in her white dress. It had taken the combined effort of Ariciel, Lirael and Ellandriel to get her to have the dress fitted properly, and to have her hair done. Stetson could not take his eyes off her, so they were counting it as a success. Lirael was doing the ritual. Ellandriel had asked Mordent Evenshade to be a witness. Feanor had emerged from his library for a few hours to be present. Arador had volunteered a few of his fellow choir members to sing a hymn or two for Stetson and Mareva. Ariciel grinned to herself. Part of Draenei wedding ceremony was for the groom to come and fetch the bride, and having to pay a ‘ransom’ for her. Lirael had stood in the doorway, stone-faced, arms crossed, claiming that she knew no such person as a Draenei Shaman. Meanwhile, Mareva had been inside, screaming piteously about the perverted depravities these wild Night-elves were inflicting on her, and asking him to come back later. Stetson had forced his way in, and come out a few moments later, carrying Mareva in his arms. Lirael, Ariciel and Ellandriel had trailed him, complaining bitterly about how little ransom Setson had paid. They had only escaped by getting into one of the small floats in the waterways of Darnassus, which took them to a beautiful spot in the Temple gardens.

Ariciel watched as Lirael took both their hands, tied them together with a piece of rope and had them pronounce their vows. All the witnesses signed their name on the deed. Mareva and Stetson stood still in each other’s arms, looking deep into each other’s eyes, until Lirael coughed politely.

“Now get me out of this dress,” said Mareva. “I look like a fairy cake.”

At the end of this story, I would like to thank all of you, who have followed Ariciel, Mareva, Stetson and Ellandriel. Especially Pyrelle, who never failed to hit the “Like” button on any of my posts, and Bravetank, who kindly lent Seashell out to me to transport the adventurers to Dalaran.

I’m not sure when the next part of these stories will come out, and perhaps I’ll change the format a bit so that I have more posts, but shorter ones. I have one more large story to tell before the Pandas arrive – the adventures of Bannog in Northrend. So this is not farewell, but “Until we meet again”.

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