Fun with the Anime facemaker

So one of the blogs I follow pointed me at this Anime Face Maker.

Which allows you to make all kinds of Anime people. It’s amazing how recognisable you can make these people. For instance, Ariciel just came rolling out of there with no trouble at all. And once I had her, of course, I had to do her boyfriend as well. Now Bannog, I’m afraid, looks too thin for me. He’s a guy as broad as he’s tall, who can lift Night-elves with one hand.

One limitation of this site (but you can hardly blame them) is that you can only do Humanoid species. So Hunter s’dezo’houn, I’m afraid, is beyond the capabilities. Still, I think I can do a passable Mareva. She, of course, should be dark blue rather than dark brown, but when I get rich and famous, and the movie comes out, I will accept nobody but Tamara Taylor (Camille Saroyan in “Bones”) to play her. I’m sorry, but I’ll have to insist.

And of course, Ellandriel must feature as well. She looks a bit worried here. Perhaps, murderous Keldorei are waiting to fall down upon her from the trees. So then, on to the rest of my people. I find I have rather a lot of girls here. It’s not that I don’t have guys – I do. (Bannog, Cullan, Smitty, Gerrig, Father Eolas, Stetson, Griggin) but apart from Bannog, who is bald and has a beard, they don’t really have all that many distinguishing features.For instance, here’s the best I could do for Nix:

Now Nix, I’ve once described as the poster boy for Totally UnremarkableĀ  Gnome Magazine. There’s a reason. He’s a rogue. He doesn’t want to stand out, he wants to be invisible. Trixie has no problem being seen. She wants to be the centre of attention. She’s a tank. Also, the pink pigtails are there, as is the murderous grin. Cullan is another story. He’s a fairly nondescript guy who occasionally turns into a wolf. He grows a beard, and looks like a butler.

Now if you want Griggin Steambender, just imagine a slightly older Nix whose hair has gone a bit grey. Smitty is a completely normal Human. Dark hair, fairly well-muscled, but that’s more or less a given in the World of Warcraft. Gerrig is basically Bannog with a full head of hair. They’re brothers. Totally uninteresting. So in rapid succession, let’s have Naegling and Selena.

They look good, but Naegling needs more bulk and Selena needs many many more freckles. The generator doesn’t do standing-up plaits, so I can’t do Interalia. It also doesn’t do pandas, so I cannot do Thunderpetal either.

Why yes, I am enjoying myself too much, why do you ask?

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