Thunderpetal part 1: Promenade

Part 1: Promenade

“The Chiu-man knew we were coming,” said Aysa, stepping forward. She walked up to the man and bowed to him. “I am Aysa Cloudsinger,” she said.The Chiu-man nodded at her, then spoke slowly and loudly in his own language. Aysa gave him a wavering smile and put up her hands.

Bo-tu“, said the man. “HiuKo-muBo-tu, Va-Lian.” He gestured towards the small rowing boat he had arrived in.

One of the other monks drew up to her. “I believe he wishes you to come with him, Teacher.”

The Pandas have arrived in Stormwind! And of course, it is a good thing that EVERY FOREIGNER WILL UNDERSTAND YOU IF YOU SPEAK SLOWLY AND LOUDLY. How would we ever get anywhere otherwise?

Internet Cookie for anyone who can guess what the title of the next chapter will be.

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