Thunderpetal Part 2: Gnomus

Part 2: Gnomus

“Lenna?” said the young girl. Her tone was thoughtful, which usually meant a seemingly simple question was under way.


“When is Spud going to come out?”

“We don’t know for sure, dear,” said Lenna. “Maybe a week, maybe two.”

“And then can I play with her?”

“Or him,” said Griggin. “We don’t know if Spud is a boy or a girl.”

“Why not?”

“Because we can’t look inside Interalia’s tummy,” said Lenna.

“Why is Spud inside Interalia’s tummy?”

The warrior girl, named Trixie, took a little jump to hoist Bieslook higher up her back. “We talked about the Special Cuddle, didn’t we?”

“Trixie…” said Lenna.

For those of you who’ve read Selena and the Wolf, and are wondering how Interalia is doing: She’s fine, given the circumstances. Yes, it’s the Steambenders and they’re still going strong. Here, the youngest member of the family is being given a few life lessons.

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