Thunderpetal part 4: The old castle

Part 4: The old castle

“Well, it appears that Mr. Thunderpetal’s book was taken by the robbers, and that we are looking for trouble after all.”

Thunderpetal’s eyes gleamed at Griggin. “These Hozen will be very happy when they finally translate the book from Pandaren and instead of boring spells, they find Great-uncle Fai’s recipe for Perfectly Boiled Noodles.”

“Right,” said Trixie. “Into the building then?”

“I think so. Remember, we’re on their turf. Be prepared for surprises.”

“Let me go in first,” said Thunderpetal. “If they attack, I can keep them from hurting you.”

“Oo! Am I the hacker on this gig?” Trixie’s eyes looked large, blue and sad. “Now if only I had some fury talents.”

“Trixie…” Griggin’s voice sounded tired.

It would seem that Thunderpetal is finally able to show some of his skills as a Brewmaster. And Trixie is able to demonstrate the great gap in her warrior’s skills that would be perfectly filled by SOME BLOODY FURY TALENTS, DAD!

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