Thunderpetal part 5: Promenade III

Part 5: Promenade III

Trigger warning: Violence.

Those of you who have read “Steamy and hot” may remember Raven, the Human who tried to punt Nix in class. She is called Raven specifically because I sometimes pull my characters through a “Mary Sue litmus test“. This particular one contains the following questions:

Does the character have a name you really, really like?
[X] Is it Raven?
[ ] Is it a variation of Raven?
[ ] Is it Hunter?

So that’s why. Kind of a way of taking a five-point handicap. I never actually mention her last name anywhere, but guess what it is… go on. But anyway… The Pandas get ready to boogie!

“Alright ye sconsies, who here calls themselves a brewmaster?”

All round the open-air kitchen, Pandaren were chopping vegetables, stirring pots, and turning spits on which a variety of Elwynn Forest fauna was being roasted to perfection. Some of them were using large round frying pans that occasionally caught fire. At least half a dozen claws were raised into the air.

The Dwarf pointed behind him at four of his family carrying between them a barrel large enough to serve as a house.

“We brought ye a keg! Any of ye furballs care to sample?”

Also, a fair word of warning. Did you see that bit  about scenes that some may find disturbing? This chapter is it. If you are easily triggered by violence. exercise caution when reading.

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