Thunderpetal part 7: Bydlo

Part 7: Bydlo

Thunderpetal took the stalk of grass he’d been chewing out of his mouth. “I tell you of the Eight Immortal Monks, yes?”

“The one with the epic blow-up donkey”, said Raven.

“The sixth monk is called Li Tia Guai, or Li with the iron crutch.”


“When Li is a young boy, his parents die,” said Thunderpetal. “He is raised by his older brother, and his wife. His sister-in-law treats him badly, Li is always hungry. So Li flees into the wild, where he learns the Hidden Knowledge, and becomes immortal.”

“Gosh,” said Raven, “Mind if I flee into the wild for a bit?”

Thunderpetal imparts his wisdom on his friends. You’ll be pleased to know that the folktales of the Eight Immortals he is referring to, are classic Chinese fairytales, that can be found at Project Gutenberg in an English translation by Richard Wilhelm et al.

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