To go anywhere that I please

To go anywhere that I please

The door opened, and Ariciel came walking in, skin glistening with the exertion. She put her staff up against the wall, noticed Mareva’s totem on the floor, and laughed.

“You guys had two cups, and you need healing? Lightweights.”

Lee Brittner took an MRE out of her pack and ripped open its guts. She pushed her hand inside, and it came out holding the still-beating bag of coffee. “My head is fine. It’s mornings I have trouble with, not alien rotgut. Do they do hot water here?”

“Downstairs,” said Ariciel. “By the bucket. I’m taking a bath.”

For those of you who have wondered what I’ve been up to recently, here you go. Between long stories, I usually steal other people’s characters and use them for my own nefarious purposes. This one is a bit longer than usual, but then again the story that inspired this one weighs in at about 100.000 words. It’s called Rock Happy, it is written by my friend Arwen Lune and I warmly recommend it. Hey! Come back here! And comment dammit!

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