So close…

Griggin dinged 89 last night, on the quest for the Red Crane. He’s starting to get proper scary, as a Warl;ock should. So I’ve been looking up things like rotations for demonologists, and basically, it’s not what I’m doing at the moment.  My “rotation” at the moment is:

  1. Either send in the Wrathguard, or corrupt something from afar, have it come to me, then send in the Wrathguard.
  2. Play keepy-uppy with Corruption and Shadowflame (curse of the Element lasts much longer than any foe).
  3. Shoot shadowbolts at it till Molten Core procs
  4. Get maybe one or two Soulfires in before…
  5. Enemy go thud.

Soloing is not really the optimum way to practice your rotation. I haven’t had to worry about sustaining DPS at any time from level 85. Also, my home guild (Azeroth Buccaneers) is not really existing much at the moment, so I have nobody to dungeon with.

I’m a bit wary of starting with LFG or LFanything. Maybe I’ll go for Loremaster instead, or try to max out Engineering like in the stories.

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