Jumping Ship

Well, I’ve done it. After five years in the Azeroth Buccaneers, Ariciel has now left the building, to join a tiny little guild on the Darkspear server. I haven’t exactly left AB, and even in its slumbering state, Azeroth Buccaneers, of “Arr” and “Yer be needin’ a parrot matey, or you ain’t nothing but a deckswab”, will always be my home. But the sad truth is, I haven’t been in a Pandaria dungeon yet. Yesterday, I ran a three-man scenario with Seashell and her husband. Oh. One thing that does get left behind on a server transfer? It’s your macros! Trying to fight when half your abilities somehow fail to go off is… Interesting.

But yeah. I’ll be on again tonight, to see if I can get Ariciel some proper gear before going off on another adventure. I’m a fairly competent fighter, really I am.

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