Ariciel on the Timeless Isle

ani_aricielSo Ariciel, after the server transfer, finally made her way to the Timeless Isle. She’d been there before, teleported there by Chromdormu (unanimously voted the cutest Dragon aspect ever), took a look, and flew right out again. This time, she’s there for a bit longer and she’s enjoying herself.

The first thing she did was go to Beastie Square and have a chat with Kairoz. Oo! Quests! She loves quests. Honest, she read “Lord of the Rings” once, and when she got to the bit in Rivendell where they have to lose a very powerful ring and not kill anyone, she looked at me and went “With that power I would have power too strong and terrible. Really? Noobs!”

She’s had to remind me of the old adage: No Quest No Hack. After slaying many buffalo, it’s a bit disappointing to see that blue exclamation point over Emperor Shaohao’s head and to be told, “Oh if you have some time, haha, my little joke, do be a dear and kill twenty of these bothersome bovines would you?”

It’s taken me a while to see this island for what it is: Raid prep school. All the things you find in the island are also in raids. For instance, the Burning Berserkers up by the flamewalker’s path have this Burning Cleave that will typically one-shot anything that’s not a tank. When the floor starts bubbling, you run like mad. Ariciel can afford to miss that once, and blow all her cooldowns. Then there’s the Gulping Frogs. They drop stacks of poison on you that instantly kills you when it reaches ten. The very definition of a DPS check. Ariciel, though she’s not too shabby in the defence department, is pulling only about 20K DPS at the moment. She’s staying away from the frogs for now. And then there’s the rare spawns. They hit like express trains, especially Cinders. Which forces you to cooperate.

People are quite helpful on the Timeless isle. Ariciel has had people chipping in shooting at the bulls when she’d gotten herself in over her head. She’s jumped in at times when others were in danger, pulling mobs off hunters who’d made an aggro mistake. The whole island is a sanctuary except for the landing points, so there isn’t even much Horde vs. Alliance going on.

But we all know why we’re in it. Loot. Ariciel is now sporting a very fetching set of new leathers. Except for a pair of pants and a pair of shoulders. She’s got a new stick for hitting people with. The treasure chests are fun. How to get into inaccessible places by fighting seagulls.

The Timeless isle is fun!

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