Happy New Year, now let’s play… oh.

First and foremost, happy new year everybody!

So what have I spent the first few hours of 2014 doing? Well, I’ve finally updated my gamebox to Windows 7. It was starting to fall over at inopportune times, and I reckon the issue was too many updates and driver issues. So ran a full backup to my little NAS box, then did a fresh install to get rid of all the accumulated cruft, and set the user interface to “optimised for performance” because the new “glass” interface is ugly. Install Firefox. Install virus scanner, wanna upgrade? No. Wanna install Chrome? No. Press here to upgrade. No. Upgrading’s nice! I’ll start the upgrade for you, shall I? No.

And then of course, the whole point of this machine, install WoW. So download the client, run the installer, start WoW, 22GB of installation files to download. And I hit “go”, happy in the knowledge that it’s after midnight, and therefore this will be a freebie from my provider. Yay!

Go to sleep while my new improved computer downloads WoW for me so I can have a run round Azeroth in the morning and wish friends happy new year and stuff.

Apparently, Microsoft and I have different opinions about what constitutes “activity”. I think a computer that is downloading stuff is active. Microsoft doesn’t, and puts the damn thing to sleep after 30 minutes of not typing.

Download now at 16GB.


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