Ariciel rides again.

I am cautiously optimistic about the setup of my new portal into Azeroth. I have the three most important apps: Firefox, PuTTY and WoW, so I can read my email, write my stories, and play. I thoroughly recommend having all your real data on a network server. It pretty much lets you destroy and rebuild your computer at a whim without losing data. The only thing I really lost is the settings to WeakAuras, which I use on Bannog and Ariciel to keep track of which of their spells and abilities have come off cooldown.

Ariciel is a tank, and she’s starting to feel quite comfortable on the Timeless Isle. There is this progression from the wild animals to the ghost Pandaren, to the Yaungol, to the BIG Yaungol, to the dragons that fly around the upper areas and so on. She can confidently take on the Burning Berserkers. She still hasn’t got her Timeless Trousers. Do they even exist?

She’s now much more powerful than Bannog – oh how the times have changed. It used to be that she couldn’t follow her big Human love into dangerous places, because she’d just be a bother. “The Druid, the Shaman and the Mage” was all about how she set out to change that, and now she has. Bannog is now the squishy one.

Bannog has gear problems, which eats into his DPS. Where Ariciel can just outlast her enemies and whittle them down, the tactics for an Arms warrior are “Kill them before they kill you”. And you need to hit hard to do that. He’s also got rage problems, which I suppose are related. I’ve read up on his rotation on Icy Veins, and I don’t think I’m doing much wrong. So… Nose to the grindstone, keep earning money for those repair bills and hope for the right drops.

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