Bannog is back!

Bannog of Caer BannogWell, that’s one problem solved. Bannog is now sporting Timeless gear from top to toe, and a shiny new pole arm. I’ve now also taken the trouble to gem and enchant everything in sight (which is a bit of a bloodletting). Then I came back to the Timeless Isle to try out what effect this has on his performance.  All I can say is, he no longer needs to be ashamed in the face of his girlfriend, as yesterday, Recount showed he’s pushing twice as much DPS as she is, in some cases shooting up to 100K DPS. And he should, being a dedicated hacker. He can now take on the fire-cows at the end of the bridge, if sufficiently buffed with those Timeless Isle buffs. Now and then, though, he still runs out of rage, especially with the shield cows. This is no doubt due to him not doing enough white damage. I suppose this is a good indication of what he’d do in a raid. So now I suppose it’s Griggin’s time to gear up. It’s been such a long time since I played Griggin that I am not even tracking his actions in WeakAuras. That’s on the todo list for tonight, I think.

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