A biting matter…

aricielSo, the next expansion of WoW is going to be nice – hope my old computer can pull it. I may have to get a whole new one sometime soon. But be that as it may, the new Night-elf female model was revealed recently, and while these girls are definitely gorgeous, there’s one pointy issue.

Fangs. Ariciel is getting fangs! Now from an aestetic viewpoint, I’m not against this. Make ’em look fierce! Night-elves are not to be messed with. But in all these years, I haven’t noticed them, so I didn’t put anything about them in my stories. And one would notice, I think. Ariciel does smile a lot, and fangs would definitely give her smile a bit of an edge. Also, one would notice it while osculating, I believe (even though in my little stories, you have to teach Elves to kiss as they do something else among themselves). Anyway, this is what it looks like as shown by Chris G Robinson:

Night elf with cute little fangs

Night elf with cute little fangs

A lovely lass, but… yeah. I never mentioned Ariciel’s fangs before. How am I going to fit them into future stories? Ignore them? Do Night-elves only grow them when they turn thirty? Milk teeth falling out kind of thing?

Answers on a postcard.

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