Live from Manchester…

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m back at the Discworld Convention, and I shall be trying to write the occasional report. There’s a few people I really want to meet here.

  • Diane Duane – writer of the Young Wizards series featuring Nita Callahan and Kit Rodriguez. Years ago, when Bannog and Ariciel were only young, I wanted to attend a writing workshop she was going to organise. She’d gathered up a lot of good information from a number of famous writers, and then “Something” happened and she had to cancel.
  • Mitch Benn – Comedic singer and increasingly a SciFi writer. We’re besties. He responded to one of my tweets once. I sing several of his songs (“I stole your heart”, “Spontaneous Combustion”, “The French Are Coming To Get Us”), and he’s right here so there goes half my repertoire. Hope Tom Lehrer doesn’t show up.

It’s the official Day Before The Con, which means tonight, there is a pub quiz! I will bring my son as a secret weapon. There isn’t an episode of Mr. Bean he hasn’t seen!

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