About The Redridge Chronicles


In the foothills of the Redridge Mountains, between the lake and the Mountain tops, lies the small castle of Caerbannog. For generations, it has stood, minding its own business, providing food and shelter for weary and hungry Alliance troops.

But now, war rages over Azeroth, and Old Bannog, the ruler of the castle, would think he’d be remiss if he didn’t make the Caer’s influence felt. So his son, Young Bannog, is sent out to help in the struggle against the Horde, and to win renown for the castle.

These are the tales of Bannog, his friends and his enemies.

  • AUTHOR: Menno Willemse
  • FANDOM: World of Warcraft, by Blizzard Entertainment
  • DISCLAIMER: All WoW non-player characters are the property of Blizzard Entertainment. All Blizzard Trademarks acknowledged.
  • WARNINGS: Graphic violence, Adult themes, Implied sex
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