Stars’ rest

Sentinel Sweetspring cast a stealthy glance at the huge, impressive figure of Moduru, the Draenei salesman of reagents and enchanting supplies, next to her in the small, small camp of Stars’ Rest. A little way away from the camp, dryads made their rounds in the icy snow, their hoofbeats almost unheard in the deep snow. All was quiet, all was still. All was so, so boring. Sentinel Sweetspring sidled up to Naohain, keeper of one of the smallest inns in Northrend, currently occupied. She whispered to him in her own native tongue.

“Pssst. Naohain. Why does Modoru still wear those ridiculous robes? He looks like some interdimensional bumpkin who stumbled out of Ammen Vale not six hours past.”

Naohain gave her a look. “I… I do not know.”


She walked over to the Draenei man, who was watching two Night-elf guards ride by on their snow-tigers.

“Say, Modoru. Where did you get those… ah… wonderful robes of yours, hmmm?”

“Well, you see,” Modoru beamed at her. “Was gift from Grandmother Oluba. She hand-weave from finest silk on Draenor! Am quite proud of, yes. She sell many to Hakmud, travelling salesman.”

“Oh. Oh… I see. How nice!”

Sentinel Sweetspring bit back a laugh, and sat down with her back to her saber cat. She cast a not very stealthy glance at her fellow sentinel across the camp, admiring her rather nice legs, a vague smile on her face.

Modoru saw who she was looking at, and smiled to himself. A customer walked up to him, looking for more Wild Spineleaf.

“Ah. You wish to cast the Gift of the Wild, yes? May your days be long, and your hardships few.”

“Probably going to be a bloody wipe,” said the Night-elf. “Oh well. It’s not like it’s a good life anyway.”

“Favour the road, travelled by few.”

“If only.”

On a sudden impulse, Sentinel Sweetspring got to her feet and walked over to the other side of the camp, to Sentinel Amberline, who apparently was her current project. To the casual observer, it wasn’t going terribly well, but Sweetspring was nothing if not persistent.

Innkeeper Naohain looked at Modoru, who was just closing up his supply of herbs. Modoru raised himself to his full height, and took a deep breath of fresh mountain air.

“What beautiful place we are in,” he said. “I see trees, creatures in the forest, smell the smells of nature. Each day is a blessing.”

Naohain looked round. Dragonblight, it was called. The trees were frozen, the animals were sick and corrupted, and there was a hive of insect Silithids nearby who were only kept at bay by a steady stream of adventurers. Give him Darkshore any time. Modoru pointed.

“Just look at them! Beautiful girls, with body of large deer. See how proudly they walk, fearless.” Modoru grinned at Naohain. “And with two pairs of gorgeous legs yes?”

“If you like hooves,” said Naohain. “Which I suppose you do.”

“Do not feel bad. Night-elf legs also good to look at, even though have strange hands at end. Miss Sweetspring has fine legs. Am glad she is friend.”

Naohain sighed. Should he tell him? Probably, because it was getting painful to watch him and Sweetspring.

“Mate,” he said. “Don’t mind me saying, but Sweetspring is having you on.”


“About those robes of yours. She’s having a laugh at you.”

Modoru frowned, and glanced across the camp. Sweetspring had taken off her purple hat, and put it on Sentinel Amberline’s head. She was obviously saying something about how well it suited her. Amberline pulled it off and pushed it into Sweetspring’s hands.

“You think Miss Sweetspring is funning me?”

Naohain shook his head. “Yeah mate, she’s funning the stuffing out of you.”

Modoru bent a bit closer.

“And you think I am zlotnik who not see glint in eye? Not smile on the cheeky?”

“Um,” said Naohain.

Modoru grinned broadly. “Miss Sweetspring is… what is word, someone say to me… ah. She is delightful creature. She can be funning me all day, and I never get tired of look at her.”

“Well, you’re out of luck,” said Naohain. “She seems to be busy with Amberline.”

Modoru laughed, glancing across the camp at the pair of Night-elves.

“Is a pleasure to see. Ah, first tender sprouts of love, soon to blossom.”

He was interrupted by shouts coming from the other side of the camp. Amberline was frankly and openly explaining her standpoint, with very few words, but forceful ones.

“Anyway, for the making love, am not interested in the woman. Am happy just to watch beautiful creature.”

Naohain gave Modoru a strange look, and took a small step back. Modoru noticed, and thundered with laughter. He slapped Naohain on the back with such force that Naohain stumbled forward a step or two. He gave Naohain a filthy grin.

“You are feared that I take you behind the shrubs, no? Would say you not know if like before try.” Modoru chuckled. “But know how big Keldorei are, and how big Draenei. Choking at the top or ripping open at the bottom is not the happy time.”

“Pff. You blue goats think you’re bigger than anyone else.”

“For Draenei woman, is not a problem. They built for us, and we for them. You taller than some of them.”

Sweetspring walked up at that moment, chuckling to herself. She raised her long eyebrows.

“You guys are having a dick size war? Honestly, I can’t leave you alone for a minute.”

Naohain scowled. Modoru feigned ignorance.

“How things go with beautiful friend Amberline?”

Sweetspring looked over her shoulder. Amberline resolutely had her back to them, which meant that her bottom was available for inspection. Always a silver lining. Sweetspring ran her long fingers down her cheek.

“One day… I’ll have her. But let her resist, just a bit longer.”

Modoru raised his arms.

“You should see Hakmud, travelling salesman, when next is here. He has Grandmother Oluba’s silk robes. They show your beautiful curves and Miss Amberline wants to rip it off you and leap on you like tiger on deer.”

“Oh my…” Sweetspring walked over to Modoru, and ran her fingers down the collar of his robes. “Couldn’t I just borrow yours for a while?”

Modoru laughed. “Of course! And I wear Naohain’s tent while you play with Amberline. Room enough in robes for both of you.”

Sweetspring looked over her shoulder. Sentinel Amberline was looking in their direction again. Sweetspring grinned at her across the camp, and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. Amberline breathed out a few flames, grabbed one of her bows, and shot an arrow into the tree next to them. Sweetspring’s eyes grew large. She yanked the arrow out of the tree, and looking at Amberline, kissed it, then pressed it to her breast. Amberline huffed with annoyance, glaring briefly at Sentinel Sweetspring before turning away with her nose in the air. Sweetspring’s saber cat nuzzled her ankle, and she sat down, fingers idly scratching between Snowpaw’s ears. She leaned back against his warm fur, lowered her hat so she could just observe Amberline on the other side of the camp, and spun the arrow between her fingers. Amberline looked in her direction. Sweetspring wiggled her fingers at her.

Copyright: © 2008,2009,2010 Menno Willemse. All rights reserved.


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