Steamy and Hot

Some of you may have read “The second tale of Bannog and Ariciel”, which you should be able to find where you found this. In the chapter named “Good things come in small packages”, Ariciel meets the Steambender family: Father Griggin, mother Lenna, their two children Nix the Rogue and Trixie the pink-haired Warrior, and their adopted daughter Bieslook (who is incidentally the only person to be found in-game except for the NPCs). I thought they deserved their own story, and this is it. Bieslook, by the way, is pronounced “Bees’ Loak”. It’s Dutch for Chives. She does not have green hair as yet.

This story starts somewhere before the Burning Legion made a bother of themselves, and continues on till a few months before the Zombie Plague hits Stormwind.

Since this is the World of Warcraft, there will be graphic descriptions of violence. There’s also implied sex, for those of you who like their sex implied, though I do keep civil. There will be adult themes. There will be hot chocolate and biscuits. There will be serious injury or death.

This is a work of fan fiction, and as such, it is derived from the World of Warcraft universe created by Blizzard Entertainment. I acknowledge all their trademarks and creations, without with I would have had to create my own setting and would never have had the audience I now enjoy.

These stories are based on what I can see in the game, and look up on WoWWiki. I don’t own any of the books. I also tend to throw out bits of Lore I don’t like.


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