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#dwcon Friday @MitchBenn

Well, I’ve just seen Mitch Benn perform live for the first time. It was fun, and I would never have guessed that he’d also written a world-wide blockbusting bestseller of Science Fiction, and he hardly ever plugged his latest book at all, because that is not the kind of guy he is. I mean, who would misuse an event such as this to plug his new book?

He gave us a bit of a cross-section of the two shows he does: “The 37th Beatle” and his show “Don’t believe a word” dealing with Atheist themes. This went over quite well with the Discworld crowd, godless heathens that they are.

The Boy is being very good. I kept him up way past his bedtime, first in the Toast and Jam and then in Mitch’ set. Though I’m afraid that he slept through the second half of it and I had to carry him out of the Dysk. So I’m afraid that the second half of the Toast & Jam got a rather hasty treatment from me. Will make amends by bringing my guitar into the bar and noodling away at it. For the same reason, I didn’t get the chance to talk to Mitch. Oh well… In the unlikely event that he reads this, I was the guy hollering for the Boris Johnson Blues, which is a song Mitch wrote in a purple caffeine-fueled haze of charity where he wrote and produced a whole album of songs in 24 hours. It’s amazing just what a Brit will do for charity.

Now, of course, The Boy is happily tapping away at his tablet rewinding his favourite bits of the Lego Movie. I give it ten minutes, and then I’ll gently pry the tablets out of his sleeping little fingers.


Live from Manchester…

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m back at the Discworld Convention, and I shall be trying to write the occasional report. There’s a few people I really want to meet here.

  • Diane Duane – writer of the Young Wizards series featuring Nita Callahan and Kit Rodriguez. Years ago, when Bannog and Ariciel were only young, I wanted to attend a writing workshop she was going to organise. She’d gathered up a lot of good information from a number of famous writers, and then “Something” happened and she had to cancel.
  • Mitch Benn – Comedic singer and increasingly a SciFi writer. We’re besties. He responded to one of my tweets once. I sing several of his songs (“I stole your heart”, “Spontaneous Combustion”, “The French Are Coming To Get Us”), and he’s right here so there goes half my repertoire. Hope Tom Lehrer doesn’t show up.

It’s the official Day Before The Con, which means tonight, there is a pub quiz! I will bring my son as a secret weapon. There isn’t an episode of Mr. Bean he hasn’t seen!