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#IceCrownChallenge, or ROFLstomping for charity (@ArcaneRatsel)

One of my very good vague acquaintances, Arcane Ratsel on Twitter, organised a charity event for the American Society for the Prevention of Suicide. After a pointed look from Ariciel, who still occasionally reminds me of that time in Shattrath on the elevator, I took her into Icecrown Citadel to basically paint it red. This is her story. It is picture heavy, so proceed with a thought to your bandwidth.

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A sunny day in Redridge

A sunny day in Redridge


“So. Which of the soldiers do you think is cutest?”

Nægling looked at Ariciel with a strange frown on her face.



Honestly, if you didn’t know her better, you’d think Ariciel’s eyes light up because someone is shining a torch in her ears. Also, she loves winding people up. Especially a rewarding paladin such as Nægling.

Well that was fun!

ani_aricielSo… Having joined the Heroes of Azeroth, we finally got round to running a few dungeons together. Lining up for the action this evening, were Petrius the Warrior, Seashell the Mage and Ariciel the Beartankdruid. This, ladies and gentlemen, was a roflstomp, even for Ariciel in her shoddy trousers. We started out in the Stormstout brewery, and got to battle a bewildering number of Virmen, Hozen and Ale-mentals (yes, I do see what you did there, I just didn’t think it was very funny).  The ghostly Pandaren lying around there were just as sloshed in death as they were in life, and hardly seemed to miss the mortal coil they’d just shuffled. After that, we went through the Jade Temple like a whirlwind.  Finally, we pushed through the Mogu-shan palace and started the mother of all bar fights.

Let’s be clear on this, we were ridiculously over-geared for this run, and we could pretty much ignore any of the game mechanics. Still, this was our first run together as the Guild, so it was nice to see how people reacted and worked. Next time, heroic? By that time, I should also be able to arrange for voice comms.

And another thing, I noticed that I had forgotten to install Threat Plates after the system reinstall. Must rectify this as soon as possible.

All in all, a nice relaxed and fun introductions to the interesting and educational places in Pandaria. Would run again!

Bannog is back!

Bannog of Caer BannogWell, that’s one problem solved. Bannog is now sporting Timeless gear from top to toe, and a shiny new pole arm. I’ve now also taken the trouble to gem and enchant everything in sight (which is a bit of a bloodletting). Then I came back to the Timeless Isle to try out what effect this has on his performance.  All I can say is, he no longer needs to be ashamed in the face of his girlfriend, as yesterday, Recount showed he’s pushing twice as much DPS as she is, in some cases shooting up to 100K DPS. And he should, being a dedicated hacker. He can now take on the fire-cows at the end of the bridge, if sufficiently buffed with those Timeless Isle buffs. Now and then, though, he still runs out of rage, especially with the shield cows. This is no doubt due to him not doing enough white damage. I suppose this is a good indication of what he’d do in a raid. So now I suppose it’s Griggin’s time to gear up. It’s been such a long time since I played Griggin that I am not even tracking his actions in WeakAuras. That’s on the todo list for tonight, I think.

Thunderpetal part 17: Meditation

Part 17: Meditation

Master Shang Xi took Thunderpetal and Huang to a cave at the end of a shallow pond. They entered, and the Master sat down on a stone. He made himself comfortable, and looked at Huang.

“Thunderpetal has named you his most trusted friend,” said the Master. “What will you do for him?”

Huang looked at the Master. “I will do what must be done to bring peace into his Self.”

Shang Xi’s eyes wrinkled. “That is good to know. Léi-shēng Huā-bàn?”

“Yes, Master?”

Shang Xi pointed at Huang. “Kill him.”

Clearly, drastic methods are called for here. Honestly, it looks a bit like throwing the child away with the bath water, but then again, I am not a mystic Master like Shang Xi.

Well folks, it’s the last chapter. Hope you enjoyed the ride. Special thanks go to Jaelynn Evershade, who never failed to hit the “Like” button on my posts, and to Lindsey Batdorf, who made the beautiful title picture. Which means that I’ll be hiding away for a while while I produce the next story.

Until we meet again,

Menno “Bannog” Willemse

Thunderpetal part 15: The hut on fowl’s legs

Part 15: The hut on fowl’s legs

Bieslook’s little voice spoke up. “There’s a witch in our house. Like Baba Yaga. Her house didn’t have any doors or windows. She flew around in a great big cooking pot.”

“Yes dear,” said Lenna. “Be quiet now. We’re trying to think.”

“She could only get in or out through the chimney,” said Bieslook.

You know what it’s like when you’ve locked yourself out of the house. You just need to imagine you’re a burglar. Or ask a handy ten tear old.

Thunderpetal part 14: Cum mortuis in lingua morta

Part 14: Cum mortuis in lingua morta

Thunderpetal’s face fell. Master Windstrong laughed and slapped his back.

“There are two kinds of people who come to talk to me about kites,” he said. “The first kind are interested in flying, and they will ask all kinds of questions on what bambu to use, where to get the rockets, how to shape the wings. Then they go away, and come back, freshly healed of broken bones, and then they ask me how to build proper kites.” Master Windstrong chuckled to himself. “I do not see many of them, but they give me great joy. I recognise myself in them, broken bones and all. The other kind, they simply want to go somewhere.”

No matter what else Google comes up with when you stick this title in, it means “With the dead in a dead language”. Things are about to get slightly disturbing. Oh. And Thunderpetal is finding out about a novel and interesting way to break his neck.

Thunderpetal part 13: Catacombs

Part 13: Catacombs

“Why does one want to kill anyone?”

Raven grinned. “To strike fear into the survivors, to silence their voice, to make sure they can’t hurt you anymore. Or simply because you don’t like them very much. Or because you’re a sodding psychopath and can’t sleep of nights until you kill a Gnome.”

“And which of those do you think applies to you?”

“I’m not a Gnome.”

“You will simply have to live with that fact, Miss Raven.”

Today we visit the deep dark places of the soul, the things that you don’t want to get out in the sunlight. Like, for instance, underwear.


Thunderpetal part 12: The market at Ironforge

Part 12: The market at Ironforge

Interalia lay back, wide awake, in a canopied double bed large enough to lose her husband in.

“She’s hungry,” she said.

“Mwh?” said Nix.

“Aubrey. She’s hungry. I can feel it.”

Nix pulled interalia a bit closer and put his face in her neck.

“You know, when me or Trix got hungry, Mum used to just put us out in the forest to hunt up our own dinner. None of that sissy breast or bottle feeding stuff.”

“Sod you,” said Interalia. She turned round, facing Nix. “Damn it, Nix, I’m a butt-kicking terror of the night, and I’m feeling maternal!”

“Look, my mum is a butt-kicking fire mage. Don’t sweat it. Your cred is safe.”

Look, I know that Mussorgski’s title is “Limoges Marketplace”, but Limoges doesn’t exist in Azeroth, so you get Ironforge, OK?

Thunderpetal part 9: Ballet of the unhatched chicks

Part 9: Ballet of the unhatched chicks


“Lie down.”

“I can’t lie down! The house is full of dead Humans!”

“Never you mind. You’ve got stuff to do!”

“I don’t want the first thing that my child sees to be a heap of dead bodies!”

“Look. Infants can’t see further than maybe one foot. It won’t see a thing of all this.”

Interalia glared at Raven. “You are not getting the point.”

“No, you aren’t getting the point. Are you going to drag dead bodies all over the place when your water’s already broken? Leave that to Griggin. Get in bed.”

Interalia opened her mouth to argue, then accepted the inevitable and gently lowered herself onto the bed.

I didn’t post this yesterday because unfortunately, I had to attend the funeral of a colleague. I dedicate this post to his memory. But life goes on, and indeed, life is about to begin for Spud.

Incidentally, has anyone spotted yet what I’m getting these titles from?