Mareva waved at the deckhands on the boat, and trotted towards Auberdine, hooves clunking on the wooden pier. Far below her, in the deep, sea creatures swam, hunting for fish. She sighed. Another assignment. One of many. She’d been to all kinds of places. None of them nice. Plaguelands. Searing Gorge. Burning steppes. Un’goro crater, though that had actually been quite nice, and had reminded her of home. Until the big bitey raptors came. She never had to run for her life at home.

And now this place. She looked at the piece of paper in her hand. Felwood. It wasn’t like anyone hadn’t been there yet. They just wanted a few more samples. Well, she’d show the bastards. She’d sample everything there was to sample. And then she’d go somewhere else. Perhaps something sunny with a sandy beach.

So far, the locals had been friendly. They had stared at her hooves, horns, at her blue face, then smiled nervously. The Humans were the worst for that, until you talked to them and they finally believed you would not eat them. The Night-elves were a bit aloof, but quite elegant with their long ears and eyebrows.

Mareva looked round, then back at the piece of paper in her hand. Where was Maestra’s point supposed to be? As she looked up, she spotted a Night-elf looking at her, sitting at her ease on a log. She had white hair, and a quarterstaff in her hand. She smiled at Mareva, and Mareva smiled back. Well, if you’re going to ask for directions, you may as well ask a pretty one. She walked over.

“Dyonis A’ka. My name is Mareva. I am looking for a place called Felwood. Would you know where to find it?”

The Elf got to her hooves.

“Ishnu-alah,” she said. “I’m Ariciel.”

Copyright: © 2008,2009,2010 Menno Willemse. All rights reserved.


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