Epilog: Going out hunting

She was grinning like a maniac. She knew she was, and she couldn’t stop herself. She had all she needed: Hunting gear and some trail rations. Hugin sat in a nearby tree, watching her. The farm was just a half day away. She’d been there many times. But this time, it wasn’t ‘Gerrig’s farm’. It was now the domain of Second Lieutenant Joseph Smith. And he was her prey today. She thought back again to the wonderful night she’d had with him at the celebrations. He’d been so kind to her. And still, she knew how strong he could be when he needed to.

She reached under the horse and tightened the saddle belt again. Horses always did that. Blow out to make the belt fit less tightly. And then, the unwary horse rider would end up hanging under the horse. They always forgot to keep it up, though. Selena stroked its mane.

“I’m on to your little tricks, my dear. You’re not keeping me away from my…” She stopped short of saying the words she was thinking of. There might be a little work to do on that account. Well… Nothing to be gained by waiting.

She jumped in the saddle, called out to Hugin and rode off to the South East.

Copyright: © 2008,2009,2010 Menno Willemse. All rights reserved.


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